Ahlul Sunnah Jamaat

The true faith of Imam Hasan al Askari (ra) and his descendants

السلام عليكم يا فخر الاسلام يا امير المؤمنين يا سيدنا عمر الفاروق

Decree of the Sayyid ul Sadaat 

H.R.H. Prince Sayyid Raphael Dakik

Grand Sayyid of Qadiri-Naqshbandi Sunni Islam
Leader of the Afghan Royal Government in Exile

"Under the Shahada, manifesting the believe in one God and the supreme Prophethood of my ancestor Muhammad (s) Pluralism and diversity is what enriches our religion. We see it in the various legal schools, which is a mercy from Allah (j), for Allah (j) gives us the freedom to reflect on certain practices based on Ijtihad and thus not strain us with radical unitary guidelines. Salat is Farz, but the exact performance in concreto based on the Ijtihad of the Salaf ul Saliheen varies. Thus the importance of the Sunnah, that is interpreted by the Ahlulbayt and their special authorized students. Based on judicial Dogma I am a Hanbali-Athari scholar and follow Imam Ahmad´s (ra) Ijtihad and Sheikh Athari´s methodology of legal epistemology, but I respect and love all other schools for they are all blessed under the umbrella of my ancestor the holy Prophet (s). Diversity in Islam is a mercy of al-Rahman al Dunya wa al-Rahim ul Akhira.

However The 72 of 73 sects my ancestor the Prophet condemned with the punishment of hellfire are those that neglect and misinterpret the Shahada in a wrong manner, neglect the supreme authority of my ancestor (s) and who literally do not refer themselves as Muslims and who even believe in Prophets after my ancestor Muhammad (s). This happened many times in history. May it be some who followed a liar called Musailimah (lanat ullah alaih) even until today in some societies where Prophets are accepted after our Habib (s).

Proclaimers of the Shahada are all Muslims, as long as they follow my ancestor Prophet Muhammad (s) and his Sunnah which is guarded by the holy 4 Caliphs and his Ahlulbayt, most excellently the holy 4 Caliphs and the 12 Imams. The Sunnah is by the legacy of Fakhr ul Islam Hazrat Omar al Farooq (as) renewed in every century. Who is better than the other, based on Ijtihad, meaning the quest of gaining Exoteric knowledge of Sharia Law (Zahiri) and Esoteric knowledge of Mystic Marifa (Batini) and its application in Ascetism (Zuhd) will be seen.

As long as we follow the Shahada, we are one Jamaat under the Wilaya of my ancestor Hazrat Imam Ali (Karam Allahu Wajhul Karim) as his partisans, following the tradition (literal translation=Sunnah) of my ancestor the holy Prophet (s), for this Jamaat based on the wise and excellent words of my beloved grandfather Mohyuddin Sultan Sayyid Abdul Qadir Fatemi (ra) has its roots in Hazrat Muhammad´s (s) Habib Amir ul Mumineen Hazrat Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (Karam Allahu wajhul Karim).

Thus the meaning of Ahlul Sunnah Jamaat"

-H.R.H. Prince Sayyid Raphael Dakik