Hazrat Ishaan

Sayyid Khwaja Khawand Mahmud

السلام عليكم يا فخر الاسلام يا امير المؤمنين يا سيدنا عمر الفاروق

Standard of the Qutb/Hazrat Ishaan of Imam Askari´s descendants (as)

The Lion stands for Ali ibn Abi Talib

The Hazrat Ishaan

  • Beloved grandson of the 11th Sunni Imam
  • Beloved right hand of the 12th Sunni Imam (direct spirit. communication)
  • 1200 year old institution
  • Guardian of the faith in every time in the name of the 12th Sunni Imam
  • Ali of the time on behalf of the 12th Sunni Imam

Hazrat Ishaan

Sayyid Khwaja Khawand Mahmud bin Sharifuddin

List of Ishaani Imams of the Modern Age

Beginning with Hazrat Ishaan (ra)

38th Imam

Shah Sayyid Khwaja Khawand Mahmud bin Sharifuddin, Hazrat Ishaan
7th generation grandson of Shah Bahauddin Naqshband
Prophecied successor of Shah Naqshband (Shah Naqshband was resurrected again and proclaimed his legitimacy)
Succeeded his older brother Sayyid Khwaja Khawand Muhammad, Khwaja Aftab as Imam
Mughal Kingmaker and Oligarch
Namesake of Ishaani Sunni Islam
With him the modern age started according to Ishaani timeline determination

39th Imam

Amir Sayyid Mir Moinuddin Hadi Naqshband
Mughal Prince

40th Imam 

Shahzada Sayyid Nizamuddin Naqshband
Paternal granson of the 2nd Imam
Maternal grandson of Emperor Jahangir
Mughal Royal

41st Imam

Shahzada Sayyid Nooruddin Naqshband
Son of the 3rd Imam
Maternal grandson of Emperor Aurangzeb
Mughal Royal

42nd Imam

Shahzada Sayyid Kamaluddin Naqshband
Mughal Prince
Patron Martyr of Naqshbandi Sunni Islam

43th Imam

Shahzada Sayyid Pir Mohyuddin Shah Naqshband
Mughal Prince

44th Imam

Bibi Sayyida
daughter of the 6th Imam

45th Imam

Amir Kabir Mir Sayyid Hasan Naqshband bin Azimullah
Tribal leader of Afghan Sayyids
son in law of Sayyid Pir Mohyuddin Shah Naqshband

46th Imam

Shah Sayyid Mir Jan bin Hasan
Promised successor of Hazrat Ishaan
Highest Hazrat Ishaan (Shah)
(The 1st Hazrat Ishaan was resurrected again and proclaimed his legitimacy)

47th Imam

Shahzada Mir Sayyid Mahmud Agha Shah bin Hasan
Right hand of Shah Sayyid Mir Jan
Mughal Prince
Afghan and British Indian Oligarch

48th Imam

Sayyida Bibi Siddiqa
Sister of Sayyid Mir Jan
Princess and Spiritual Guide

49th Imam

Mufti Azam Sayyid Mir Fazlullah Agha bin Hasan
Afghan Chief Justice
Supreme Judge of the Emirate of Afghanistan
Grand Mufti
Teacher of Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamit II

50th Imam

General Sayyid Mir Muhammad Jan bin Fazlullah
Son of the 10th Hazrat Ishaan
Afghan General and Oligarch

51st Imam

Princess Sayyida Bibi Rahima
Daughter and successor of Sayyid Mir Muhammad Jan

52nd Imam

Mir Assadullah Sadat
Former Minister of Sports
Pioneer of financial Accountancy in Afghanistan

53rd Imam

Sayyid Mustafa Sadat

54rd Imam

Prince Sayyid Raphael Dakik
Grandson and successor of Princess Sayyida Rahima
Afghan Royal, Lawyer and Lobbyist

Hazrat Ishaan

The institution of Hazrat Ishaan is not to be confused with Imamat itself, which only lies in the hands of the 12th Imam until he reappears.

The Astan of Hazrat Ishaan in turn is an institution established by Sayyid Ali Akbar ibn Imam Hasan al Askari (qs) and his descendants through Bahauddin Naqshband (ra), who are believed to stay in direct communication with the 12th Imam.

A synonyme for Hazrat Ishaan, meaning Presence of the 12th Imam is "Qutb", meaning cosmic axis or center of the universe under the 12th Imam. This term is mostly used in Sufi Orders.

The Raja´(reappereance) of the 12th Imam (ajtf) will be welcomed by a promised Hazer Imam, who is regarded as Qaim, who will be from the descendants of the family of Sayyid Mir Jan, based on the line of succession.

It is this Qaim that is confused with the "Mahdi" in Sunni scriptures. The Mahdi is no one else than the 12th Imam, who was already born, but the Qaim will be an eschatological figure who will establish a Caliphate in the name of the 12th Imam and welcome him in the Raja´.

Reserving the throne for his Uncle, the Qaim will make way for his uncle the 12th Imam and make him sit on the throne of global governance.